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About Atchoum

Aaaaatchoum means the sound of a sneeze“achoo”in French.
You may sometimes hear this sound in the used bookstores because of the dust.
This pretty sound of French is the origin of our Bookstore.
You find here some French picture books of the 60-70s, visual books, etc.
About me
Residence: Paris, France
Family: Husband, Daughter (3years)and Cat
Activity: Online bookstore about 60-70s vintage
Where I find books: Flea market, Les Bouquinistes (Roadside stand on side of Seine river), Old Bookstores, Antique market

Social Network: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
News letter
If you want to read a column sent from France, please register for it.
We will inform you of a new arrival of goods by it.
Mini French language
In France, when someone sneezes, we say "A tes souhaits"
for hoping your wises comes true. little cute thing!
Aaaaaatchoum! Looking for Precious French antique books publised by Aoyama Publishing,
introduces about 200 lovely antique books.
Picture books, Textbooks, Magazines or Cooking and DIY books, over 200 cute French antique books
that I have collected since many years while sneezing around !
I also introduce some toys and LP records.
For those who are already FAN of French old books, and also for those who are never even interested in them,
I would love to share this book filled with lots of surprise.

You can find it on Amazon Book store. / Online Vintage Bookstore